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  Assailly Publishing, 2019

130 pages

ISBN: 9782902425389

Contra Gemellus: a critical view of thomism

    Author :  Jean de Climont    contact the author


Description : This essay is a critique of the dogmatic theses of Saint Thomas Aquinas in the scientific, philosophical and theological fields. His scientific theses come directly from Aristotle. None of them have stood the test of time. They all appeared false one after the other. His philosophy is that of Aristotle and it still has many followers mainly because of the complexity of his theses. Saint Thomas Aquinas knew admirably how to get around the trap of materialism where the only reason has always led and in particular Aristotle's system. Was he thus able to escape the absurd. As for theology, it is mainly about predestination and free will, which only makes sense in relation to the judgment of good and evil. It is very doubtful whether the rationalist approach could have led to theological truths. It is understandable that it will not be necessary to return to the refutation of the philosophical justifications of the theological statements of St. Thomas Aquinas.


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