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2020 (91 pages)

ISBN: 9782902425211

The failure of pure Science

Author :  Jean de Climont            contact the author

Description: This book is divided in four parts.

The first part of the book is devoted to the paradoxes, contradictions and failures of the official theoretical paradigm made of both relativity theories and quantum mechanics. It is based upon the analysis of the critics found in the Internet. Critrics are gathered within ten categories including MMI, Sagnac experiments and cosmical redshift interpretation by relativists, absolute nature of light. There are also some critics from the philosophical point of view.

The second part is a synthesis of the 1000 alternative theoretical paradigms found in Internet or in the literature (among about 9000 dissidents). It gives details for each kind of alternative theoretical approaches. The main categories are : Unification by particles, Unification by waves, Aether made of energy (Lorentz), Aether with density gradient and photons (Newton), Aether and vortices or rings, Aether fluid with mask effect (LeSage), Aether and whirls (Descartes). Some more innovative paradigms are also summarized. The most frequent objective of dissidents is to seek new energy sources. It will be the purpose of a new book being prepared by the associated engineers.

The third part is dedicated to the problems encountered when implementing fluid mechanics to ether.

The fourth part is presenting the main results of the experimental paradigm.

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