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The Worldwide list of dissident scientists of Jean de Climont is covered by copyright. It may be downloaded for personal use only in line with applicable regulations such as laws, international treaties, CE directives and agreements.











The word “dissident” is used in a broad sense. It includes scientists proposing not fully accepted ideas within the Relativity-Quantum Mechanics paradigm as well as opponents to some aspects of these theories. 



The Worldwide list of dissident scientists has been issued from the data available in the Internet. Many individual dissident scientists have been found, but most of them are registered in many lists available in the Internet.



The list of the dissident scientists' lists used to create the worldwide list of dissident scientists is given here after. The lists where the dissident scientists were found are indicated for each dissident scientist. Dissident scientists known or found by Jean de Climont are gathered within the CLI list.



Dissident scientists born before 1905 are not included in the list.



Titles, when indicated, have been found in the Internet during the updating of the list. The Internet page may not be up to date.



Although Professors are also Doctors, both titles have been entered according to the papers and books. Doctor is indicated only once. Dipl. Ing. could not have the same meaning in all countries.


Dissident scientists are attributed a category according to the following list:




Categories of dissident scientists




Alternative theory;    The kind of alternative theory is indicated according to the list given next page.


Cosmology;                Details on the subject are generally given in the key words section.


Critics;                       The kind of critics is indicated according to the list hereafter.


Editor;                        Editor of journals including dissident scientists.



Expanding Earth;      Either by accretion of cosmic matter falling on the Earth or by condensation of Ether.


Experiment;               The experiment is shortly explained with the key words



History;                      Authors explaining the history of Ether or Gravitation theories.


New Energy;              The kind of energy is indicated according to the list     hereafter.


Philosophical;            General papers with critics based upon philosophical reasons.

Relativist;                  Papers presenting development beyond basic relativity.



Religious;                  Either supporting geocentrism (thomist approach) or an oriental standpoint.           


Superluminal;            Self explanatory



Note: Some names were found within dissident scientists lists although no information was available on their position and nothing was found in the Internet. Most have been removed from the 2016 issue excepted those of Natural Philosophers database of John Chappel Natural Philosophy Society.


Categories of theories


antigravity;                            No comments.


beyond quantum mech.;        No comments.


beyond relativity;                  No comments.


electric universe;                   No comments.


energy ether;                         Ether made of energy.


fluid ether DESCARTES;     All asters are surrounded by large whirl of ether bearing light and cause of gravitation.

fluid ether LE SAGE;            Pushing gravity by mask effect. Ether may be used for light.

fluid ether NEWTON;          Archimedean gravity by variable density of ether.


fluid ether YARKOVSKY;   Pushing gravity by condensation of ether in asters.


fluid ether;                             Ether either for gravitation or light or both.


fractal universe;                    No comments.


gravitation by expansion;     Gravitation is the result of the expansion of the universe including the growing stars inside.

gravity is electromagnetic;   Gravitation is generally a result of a differential EM effect.

hologram universe;               No comments.


information;                           Information is circulating between particles.


innovative;                             No comments          


math ether;                            Ether made of a metric of space.


multi universe;                       There are two or more coexisting universes.


quantum gravity;                   No comments.


quantum time;                        No comments.


plasma ether;                         No comments.


Ritz ballistic theory;              Newton particles theory of light as amended by Ritz.


solid ether LORENTZ;         Elastic media for transversal waves transmission.


super fluid ether;                   No comments.


theory of everything TOE;   No comments.


unified field;                           No comments.











Many theories gives to particles a specific nature. In order to differentiate the alternative theories an additional information is given by the kind of particle as follows:

Nature of particles:


Wave, Well, Source, Vortices, Ring, Spiral, pair linked, multiple.


These kinds are self explanatory. Only the last one is to be detailed. In order to avoid assuming that particles have two natures, some authors consider they are made of a pair of particles attached to one another by some link allowing for vibrations. The “multiple” category stands for particles of light made of many homo kinetic corpuscles. They may be linked and vibrating or free and owning each an attached wave.





As far as the critics are concerned, the followings categories have been used in the list:

Kind of critics:


4D universe of relativity                                      either 3 only or more than 4.


Big Bang                                                                not accepted.


C of light as absolute                                             not accepted.


General Relativity Theory                                    not accepted.


Maxwell equations                                                shall be modified or forgotten.


Morley Michelson relativist interpretation         not accepted.


Philosophical                                                         severe philosophical critics.


  Quantum Mechanics                                              mainly statistical aspect.


Redshift relativist interpretation                          not accepted.


Sagnac relativist interpretation                            not accepted.


Special Relativity theory                                       some aspects not accepted.


  Time is not a 4th dimension                                   either not existing physically or made of 3 dimensions.




Most of the promoters of new energies are also dissident scientists. They have generally either a preferred theory or even their own theory. The new energy categories are as follows. Some of them are very similar in fact.



New energy:





Cold fusion




Ether energy


Free energy


Gyro force






Torsion field


Void energy







Other data of the list:



The home page and the email address were found either in the lists or in the pages of Internet. They may change so that it could be necessary to search in the Internet from the dissident scientist name and using some words of the key words field of the list


This information was found in Internet and books available on the market or from the authors.















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