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2013, 2018  (162 pages)

ISBN 9782902425204


The Mysteries of the Shroud    

Author :  Jean de Climont            contact the author

Description:   Following a summary of all available information on the Internet about the Shroud, the author discusses the place of God in the contemporary world.                                                 

As long as, in the name of science, men reject the transcendental world, and first the idea of God, how could they envisage that a man, worst a man disfigured, a man flagellated, a man crucified, a man pierced, could be God come on the Earth to give the meaning of life? But also resurrected. If the principles of science are entirely contrary to any idea of resurrected, philosophy should it not also reject the idea ofan absolute God and therefore unique, according to the mind of Socrates, but who would be multiple Father, Son and Spirit? These Mysteries are recalled by the Shroud, beyond a Way of the Cross drawn by the blood of Jesus of Nazareth..

Maps, folding sketches and watercolors of the author..

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