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2018 (35 minutes)


The magnetic field of cathod rays


Author :  Jean de Climont            contact the author


Description: The video presents a new vision of the ether which is made possible by the Climont’s experiment and by the rejection of Maxwell's absurd and arbitrary postulate. The light is not electromagnetic in itself.

The Climont’s experiment shows that magnetic fields do not result from the motion of electrons. It results from their own magnetic field. The electron magnetic field does not have a structure of dipole, but is rotational. Moreover, from the only logical point of view, the current standard model leads to a redundancy because there would be two potential coexisting causes of the magnetic field of electrical conductors and cathodic beams. Such a situation is at the same time against the principle of simplicity and against the principle of causality.

The Climont’s experiment questions directly Maxwell's postulate of the electromagnetic nature of the light.


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